Ship Machinery Repair and Conversion

AtoZ Group experienced team consists of ex-trading fleet and various shipyards engineers is stand by to assist with service 24/7 acting as repair flying squad with full set of required documents or shore basis.


Mechanical Repairs
and reconditioning

• Main Engines / Auxiliary power units overhauling according Planned Maintenance Program
• Restoring piston heads, cylinder covers and valve seats
• Turbochargers repair
• In-Situ Machining & Repair Service

Steel and Pipelines repair

• Repair of Corroded Oil & Gas Pipelines
• Steel, Hull Structure welding
• Field welding

Customized marine units fabrication workshop basis of any design and materials.

• Unique metal components fabrication
• Burner cones
• Strainer filters
• Reducers
• Manifolds
• Piping joints